Frequently Asked Questions

Joining the Choir.

How do I join Dewsbury Community Choir?

Once you have attended your Free Taster Session we will send you an email which will guide you in how to join the choir. You can also complete the form on the JOIN US page.

Do I have to audition or be able to read music?

There is no audition or requirement to read music. You will join a group of like-minded singers, who simply love to sing and will, most likely, not have had any prior experience. Your voice will soon blend with the group and you will be taught by a professional Choir Leader who will quickly help to build your confidence.

What are the age restrictions?

There is no upper limit on age and all adults are welcome. Members from the age of 16 are also welcome to join the choir

Membership Fees.

How much are membership fees for the choir?

Membership fees are calculated over a year and are split into monthly or weekly payments. Payments are taken every week or month even when there is no rehearsal. This is to make the  amounts smaller and more affordable.

What are the Payment methods?

Payments are taken by direct debit. All payments are handled by GoCardless. We do not see any account information at any point.

What do the fees cover?

The rehearsal fees cover the cost of paying the professional Choir Leaders; hiring the venues; creation of all the musical resources; performance licences for all the songs that we use; copyright fees to the publishers; maintenance of our website.

Do you offer discounts or concessions?

We are one of the most competitively priced choirs in our area, however we do have discount schemes for Blue Light Cardholders and Carers. Contact us for further info.

Choir Performances.

Do I have to pay to be part of the performances/events?

There is usually no cost to take part in a choir performance however, you may have to pay for your own transport and refreshments where appropriate. However, no Member will be under pressure to take part.

Do I have to take part in the performances?

Members are invited to take part as much or as little as they like and are under no pressure to perform. Although the performances are well-organised and create an exciting experience for the choir, some Members may choose to wait and build their confidence before committing.

Members Area.

How do I log on to the Members Area?

Click the 'Members Area' tab at the top of the website and enter the password which will have been emailed to you.

I’ve forgotten my password.

Email to ask for a password reminder.

Choir Uniform.

What does the uniform consist of?

Our uniform is very simple and consists of either a choir polo or t-shirt with dark trousers. The shirts can be purchased from the members area of the website. Members will be informed which performances require the uniform. Other optional merchandise can also be purchased from the members page.


Are photos and/or videos taken?

There will be times when photographs and/or videos are taken, either for promotional items or at events and performances. If you would prefer NOT to have your photo and/or video taken, please email us at

What information is retained by the choir?

When you register with the choir, only your name and date of birth information is retained. This is to ensure that you are aged 16 or above and also to know when the birthdays of member's are so we sing Happy Birthday to them at rehearsal during their birthday week. If you would NOT wish to have us do this for you, please email 

Cancelling Membership(s).

How do I cancel my Membership?

If you wish to cancel your membership, please email Choir HQ at Please state your Full Name, and any additional information you wish to provide. We will then check that payments are up to date and retire your membership. We need 14 days notice prior to any payments being due to allow for the direct debit mandate to be cancelled.

You are always welcome to return to the choir at any time!